Helena is arguably one of the nicest traders I have come across, and that says a lot because I have met a lot of awesome traders. My opinion is however heavily biased, given that she gifted me with an awesome handmade beautifully printed t-shirt (see below), on one of my catch up visits to the markets – Tatenda Mark

Coming from a family where my grandfather was a tailor and grandmother a dress maker, and watching my mother sew for hours as a child, it awoke my passion for being creative.

This is the first year that I have started selling “Wicomb Originals” products at markets with the help of my husband and kids. It’s a family initiative and we believe that hard work pays off! Click To Tweet

We sell clothing, scatter pillows and place mats, which I design and create myself. We recently added handmade leather bags to our collection, we proud of the fact that none of our products are commercially made, but made by us with love!!! Click To Tweet

It’s my belief that GOD gave us each a natural talent to create an income, therefore we should always follow our passion and dreams.

Be sure to get in contact with Helena for more information:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wicomb-Originals

Email: helenawicomb@gmail.com

 Fax: +27 86 494 6752

Wicomb Original Merchandise is also available at Local Style Depo – 233 Long St, Cape Town

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