Hustle & Funk - Charly Makwanya


Charly and I met by chance at the MTN Bushfire Festival in Swaziland back in May 2016. We briefly spoke about his creative brand, and creating world class visual images for various clients such as Clere, Discovery and Nissan. But it was only after I started following him on Instagram and took a look at his website that I realized what he truly meant by world class creative visual designs. 

The Hustle & Funk Story

Hustle and Funk is a creative brand I started in 2008 while I was studying my B.A Degree in South Africa. I realised that there weren't enough Africans in the continent creating world class products Click To Tweet that are life changing and inspiring to the rest of the continent.

 Hustle & Funk - Charly Makwanya

Hustle & Funk – Charly Makwanya

At Hustle & Funk we offer all sorts of creative solutions mainly focusing in Print/Digital, Web UX/UI and Motion graphics. We also have an apparel brand under the same name.The only challenge we face is getting partners and support to cover the rest of Africa Click To Tweet with different creative solutions.

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 Hustle & Funk - Charly Makwanya

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