I fell in love with the detail that went into Patricia’s wooden crafts, especially her coffee coasters. She attributes her inspiration, drive and creativity to God. At the begin of the interview she joked that everyone who steps into her shop ends up buying one of her wooden crafts. An hour later after the interview, I stepped out with a bag of crafts that I just had to buy! A truly inspiring story, given that she never intended on making Made With Love into a business. – Tatenda Mark

The Interview:

I never intended to make a business out of Made With Love.

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First stable weekly market-spot and moving forward in her business.

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Dealing with doubts and keeping herself motivated when she has tired days.

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Dealing with disappointing clients, orders that are never paid for and learning to be a better business owner.

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People copying my crafts and designs and what makes me different from others.

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My ultimate dream and what it will take to achieve it.

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