Our interview with Suzan from Subella baby brought about valuable insights into how far quality products go towards building a business. Quality speaks for itself, and with time it attracts business, even in the case where your product caters only to a niche market like baby clothing. 


Tatenda Mark: Hi Suzan. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for this. Let’s get straight into it. Where did this idea for making such quality baby clothing come from? How did Subella Baby come about?

Suzan: Thank you for having me on this platform. Subella baby. Where to begin?

Well, when I was just seven someone donated a sewing machine to the orphanage I lived in, knowing my love for fabric and needles my house mother gave it to me for Christmas. From that day, I could not stop sewing always looking for something new to design and sell to the world.

Subella Baby - Suzan

Subella Baby – Suzan

When I was much older I started a ladies line of clothing called SuzyH which did so well but once I was married and had my first baby I knew my heart was with baby fashion. Subella baby started small with just me making couture items for my friends and family to me expanding and starting a professional business.

Today Subella baby is four years down the line and we have a full CMT Studio where all the magic happens. It really can be done if you dream big enough!

Tatenda Mark: Amazing. So, your love for design and sewing started from a young age. Looking at the line of business you are in now, I would think quality baby clothing must cater to a small market, excuse the pun. Does this come with any challenges?

Suzan: Yes, from my own experience my biggest challenge was reaching my target market as the baby clothes we make is very unique and caters to a very niche market as you have pointed out.

It was not always easy to explain why our product is the best in the market but as more clients bought from us our quality exceeded itself and today my biggest achievement is having a business that is purely run by word of mouth. Our clients come to us once they see another baby with the product. Quality is everything.

Tatenda Mark: Yes, looking through some of your clothing ranges, you really do see the quality behind it. Okay, in one line, what would you say to people who want to turn their passion into a business like you have?

Suzan: There is always time for the things you love!

Subella baby have a full online store with a wide range of products for clients to choose from but they also do lots of custom orders.

Be sure to get in contact with Suzan to place your Subella baby orders and to find out more about Subella baby:

Website: www.subella.co.za

Email: info@subella.co.za

Facebook: facebook.com/Subellababy

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