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How We Used Our Student Allowances To Make A Difference | Motivational Mondays & Feed A Homeless Homie – Ntiko, Bongani & Zukhanye

With this initiative, the aim is to change the negative perception people have towards a Monday. We achieve this by posting videos every Monday morning for people to view anytime they wish to. We call this the Motivational Monday Challenge…. Continue Reading →

How Bono Ended Up Buying Our Guitars And Freddy Durst | Township Guitars – Roy Bermeister

It all started sometime in 2002 when musician and engineer Graeme Wells met with business advisor Roy Bermeister – at the Mug and Bean Waterfront Cape Town. and perfecting. While admiring this novel and innovative electric guitar – all beautifully… Continue Reading →

Working For Someone Else Isn’t What Life Should Be | Bilal Alwan – Entrepreneur (Australia)

Hi guys, my name is Bilal Alwan from Adelaide, South Australia. I help people all around the world to make money from home and become professional travellers and get out of the 9 to 5 corporate life. I am a… Continue Reading →

From Childhood Dreams To Planning to Dominate The African Continent | Ninety 5 Records – Fazel Meyer

Where it began: The business operates to promote and sign a majority of African based artists including Djs, singers, songwriters and producers all with the common element of improvisation. The skill to work hard and achieve Ninety 5 Records started… Continue Reading →

Why His Flowers Put A Smile On Everyone’s Face | Fresh Flowers – Arashaad

I started my own business 5 – 6 years ago. I was working for my mother before that, and the reason why I started this (Fresh Flower) business is because I got married and I had to do my own… Continue Reading →

From Unattended Gigs To Hitting The Local Airwaves | Ultra Lord Music Production – Bongo Mayixale

When I was in matric in 2014, I really was indecisive on what I wanted study. After a while I decided to study electrical engineering in Bloemfontein. Sadly My heart wasn’t really there and in my free time I landed… Continue Reading →

From Cape Town To Qatar, Growing My Brand Internationally | Indwe Designs – Nondwe Nyathi

She’s based in Cape Town but originally from the Steekspruit in the Eastern Cape. In 2013 she founded her company Indwe Designs, creating handmade Neckpieces, Earrings, Brooches and Bracelets. Each piece is individually beaded and handmade with great detail and… Continue Reading →

Breaking Ground In The Digital Animation And Illustration Market In Jamaica | KDOT (Jamaica) – Kori Thompson

KDOT (also my name initials) was initially just an alias to my friends, but later became my brand/artist name. I’ve always had a passion for art. I’ve been drawing from as early as 5 years old and art was always… Continue Reading →

What It Feels Life To Have My Music On Tidal, Amazon, iTunes and More | Dondatta Hoffa (America) – Music Artist

He had a group called Hoffa Inc Marxkmen formerly known as Mxm.  I began soaking up his energy and work ethic and took it very seriously, and started my own career in years to come. Now you know me as… Continue Reading →

How To Make Delicious Mud Pies | The Mudpie Company – Jo-Ann and Tracy

The Mudpie Company was established in 2015 by cousins and best friends Jo-Ann and Tracy, out of their love of all things craft and design.  We focus of soft natural fibre home products, like woollen and cotton blankets, cushions, bags,… Continue Reading →

Struggle, Politics And Love Songs | Mbira Renaissance (Canada) – Chaka Zinyemba

At first listen, the humble mbira or thumb piano seems to be a simple artifact of global music. But catch the hypnotic grooves of Mbira Renaissance and you get a hint of the instrument’s ancient significance in the Shona culture… Continue Reading →

Stylish And Contemporary African Look | Middy Fashions (Swaziland) – Mildred Makahamadze

It is currently single-handedly run by by a diploma-in-Pattern-making and Fashion-Design-holding young lady named Mildred Makahamadze. At a tender age Mildred watched her mother using a manual sewing machine, and at sixteen years of age she sat on the same… Continue Reading →

How Bow Ties Create Jobs in Lesotho | Bow Shoeshoe (Lesotho)

Bow Shoeshoe was founded to create an entrepreneurial opportunity and outlet for creativity across Lesotho. And his Mosotho host brother. Yet there were two resources in abundance: people eager to work and a vibrant fabric that has been in Lesotho’s… Continue Reading →

Believe In Yourself And Your Business | Tea Nation – Matt

My name is Matt. I have a little business called Tea Nation. It started a few months ago (2015). It was a bit of a struggle to begin with, but it’s always the best when you follow your passion. And… Continue Reading →

How It Feels To Be A Published Authour | Philomène Luyindula Lasoen

I am Philomène and I am a writer. Because last year I journeyed with women who a Jewish, Christian and Muslim, and I was checking with them the stories that I have understood and the stories I actually used to… Continue Reading →

I Quit My Job To Follow My Passion | The Black Sheep – Shana

Hi, I’m Shana. I am from a company called Black Sheep. I make knitted items. I started just this month. This is my first market (Green Market Square, Cape Town). I just really enjoy knitting and I really wanted to… Continue Reading →

Helping People Through Porcelain Plants | Cleo Morse Hudsonberg – Entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Cleo Morse. I would say I am an entrepreneur. I started very small, I don’t really have a name but I would call it “Be Creative”. Most of things that I have here in my business… Continue Reading →

Homemade Natural Hair Products | Niaobi’s Olive Kitchen – Sophia

The story behind Niaobi’s Olive Kitchen: Three years ago I chose to cut my hair and go back to growing my hair out in its natural state, and I was having a hard time finding products that worked well with… Continue Reading →

From Childhood Wooden Swords to Rose Wood Crafts | Rose Wood Crafts – Geoff Hudson

I have been working with wood since I was a small boy. As a boy one of the first things I ever made was a wooden sword in my parents’ backyard using packing case wood and some of my dad’s… Continue Reading →

Providing Guilt-Free Snacking | Diabetic Treats – Willie and Marthie de Klerk

I am a diabetic. Because of this we all cheat sometime or another. We all go and get something else with sugar in it. When my diabetes deteriorated to the extent that it effected my quality of life, we decided… Continue Reading →

How I Saved A Marriage | Indian Head Massage – Regina Meslane

I was taught how to do head massages from my employer who was a doctor who taught me how to do head massages for his wife who was suffering from a stress-related condition. I started 15 years ago. My clients… Continue Reading →

The Relationship Between Body, Soul And Spirit | Heart-filled Touch – Sameer Charles

Hi, my name is Charles. I am an alternative healer. I have been in the healing industry for over 10 years. I focus mostly on energy work initially, then I added massage components.  So I do full body, as well… Continue Reading →

Pancakes And Storytelling | Once Upon a Pancake – Melanie

I started pancake making at the market because it was the start of a very heavy 2-year period in my life, and pancake making started at this market and it was the one place where my daughter and I felt… Continue Reading →

Chemical Engineers Become Fashionistas | Onesies 4 Africa – Natalie and Liezel

Liezel and Natalie are two aspiring innovative and energetic young women. These Chemical Engineers studied together and recently both became mothers.  These Chemical Engineers studied together and recently both became mothers. With a sound track record in the corporate space they decided… Continue Reading →

From Being Behind Bars To Spitting Bars | Rapper – Elston Flippies

You are chilling with Mr LOG 100. My message today for you guys is just basically you gotta stay strong in what you do. Don’t let people come with negative stories like, “What you’re doing ain’t cool” or “What you… Continue Reading →

How I Became A Brand Ambassador | Jethro Jafta – Brand Ambassador (Sexy Socks)

I was at a design expo the other day and my friend actually invited me to the exhibition. I happened to meet the guy there (owner of Sexy Socks). I did send him an email a week before the time… Continue Reading →

Your One Stop Shop For All Entertainment | T-wander Entertainment – Tawanda Ndungu

The name of my company is T-wander Entertainment. We offer Dance Choreography(Weddings, shows, Music Videos…), Djing, MCing and Music/Singing. I have been doing dance choreography for 8 years. I remember my brother at some point, because he has a very… Continue Reading →

How We Started The Diner With Zero Capital | The Diner – Cathy and Nigel

We didn’t start with burgers here, because there was somebody else doing that and we had to come up with another product. The product that we came up with was hotdogs. So I sat down one afternoon and thought, “I… Continue Reading →

How My Part-Time Hobby Became My Full-Time Job | BK Biltong – Keith

I started my business whist I was working at a full-time job. I left my job and started making my own biltong and boerewors full-time, and this is where I am now today! I usually sell to offices and by word… Continue Reading →

I Can’t Do The Corporate World! | Moonchild Drumming – Michelle Dawn

I am Michelle, and I have been in the corporate world; I have sold houses, I have been a PA, I have worked for attorneys, which was my last job. Because I am too honest I get killed and beaten… Continue Reading →

Words Of Wisdom To The Youth | Bicycle Empowerment Network – Jimmy James

 But I like people to call me James, but I say Jimmy James so that people don’t forget. I am affiliated Bicycle Employment Network (BEN) and I manage a centre in Ocean View, which is close to Cape Point.  I’m… Continue Reading →

The Beauty Of Being A Stay-at-home Mom With A Business | Crystal Jewellery and Custom Made Dreamcatchers – Donna Sheldon

My name is Donna Sheldon, I am a stay-at-home mum. Needing to make a little bit of extra (laughs) this is how this started. Although when I was in high school, I used to make my own jewellery and do… Continue Reading →

From Mechanical Engineer to Master Chef | Raggamuffin – Thinus

So I was busy doing my postgrad in mechanical engineering and I stopped to pursue my passion in cooking. That was about a year ago. I am currently doing markets and trying to slowly grow. At the moment I am… Continue Reading →

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