I must say, I have not come across such custom-made and personalized jewelry as that made by Dee Designs. If ever you are looking for jewelry that is truly unique and designed specifically for your loved one, then you have found the right people to do the job for you. You can truly see the dedication, precision and care that goes into each piece of custom jewelry made. – Tatenda Mark


Dee & Lesta’s story:

Lesta and I are both Qualified Goldsmiths and have worked as commercial jewelers in the trade for many years.

Lesta is both a manufacturer and setter and has a skilled eye for detail and accuracy, he has 40 years’ experience and Dee 30yrs.

We ventured out on our own and started our own Business in 1999.

The Tribute Heart originated with our son Kye who was following in his father’s footsteps and learning how to become a Goldsmith whilst working for the family business. As a cutting exercise, Lester gave Kye a heart to cut out, with his and his siblings’ names in it. He was so excited he polished it and presented it to mom, and thus the tribute heart was born.

Dee Design - Dee & Lester

Dee Design – Dee & Lesta

We’ve found our niche and it’s awesome.

We at Dee Designs have for some time now been creating a fresh range of Timeless Jewelry, namely the Tribute Heart. Tribute hearts encapsulate the names of your special ones in Silver or Gold depending on your style and taste, allowing you to wear those whom you love close to your Heart. These hearts can be complimented with a chain that suits your style.

The hearts are customised and personal. It’s a way that you can wear the ones you love close to your heart.

We’ve found our niche and it’s awesome. Essentially, the original tribute hearts were designed for moms with their children’s and spouses’ names cut into silver. Now we have designed just about anything into a heart. The hearts are customised and personal. It’s a way that you can wear the ones you love close to your heart.

We both have commercial backgrounds but prefer working on a 1-on-1 basis with clients. Click To Tweet

Working in the trade is extremely stressful. This keeps you grounded because we are doing something special for someone.

It is a treat to put together something that means a lot. It makes it worth it! Click To Tweet

We have relocated to the Cape and are enjoying the experience of the Cape Flea Markets and friendly locals.

Dee Design exhibit at the I Love Big Bay Market, Hermanus Country Market and Stanford Sunset Market.

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